Wows Seven!

December 9, 2009

Liz Smith: All New York Is Betting on Jackie Leo's Lucky '7'

Jacqueline Leo/Image: Wikipedia


"I’m not antisocial; I’m just not social," says Woody Allen.


But New York is especially "social" these holiday days and nights where even in brisk windy weather people are filling the streets, walking, looking at the lights, carrying shopping bags and cramming into restaurants. I went to Le Cirque last Saturday night with my excellent friends Joan Ganz Cooney and Pete Peterson. We were having an early dinner but the place was already jammed when we arrived at seven o’clock and it continued to fill up with people milling around and begging for tables. Mario, the handsome maître d’, told me, "It has been like this for a month. We are
SRO every night!"

This week I experienced a double whammy – a cocktail kickoff for Jackie Leo’s winning book about the lucky number seven, titled Seven: The Number for Happiness, Love and Success, by editor Jonathan Karp. Everybody who is anybody from the Hamptons to what’s left of the literary world turned out for Jackie at Michael’s watering spot. I even have a little article inside Jackie’s book about what seven means to me!

Jackie’s book about what seven means to me!
Jackie’s book about what seven means to me!

Glimpsed in the crowd, Ken and Binky Auletta, Louise Grunwald, Walter Anderson, Mitch Rosenthal, the Norman Pearlstines, the Mort Janklows, Hannah Pakula, Marilyn Hewitt, Pia Lindstrom, David and Sherrie Westin, Marie Brenner, Susan Mercandetti, Ernie Pomerantz, Mort Zuckerman and on and on into the night. (Author Leo, who made her mark putting magazines on top when there were still successful magazines, is now working with the new Pete Peterson philanthropic foundation. Philanthropy beats print these days!)